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Concrete preparation for foundation slab
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there is a tendency to move away from the classical scheme of the concrete preparation device, so instead of the classical footing (layers of sand + polyethylene film + concrete preparation) profiled membranes are used before installing the foundation slab. This solution is not only more technologically (it better protects concrete from liquid loss, prevents uneven ground pressure on the foundation plate, and also facilitates the installation of the reinforcing cage), but also saves up to 25% of the cost of materials and increases the speed of installation (the profiled membrane is mounted faster than the classical one the thickness is 2-3 times). To replace the base, we offer profiled membranes of German manufacturers Delta and IsoDrain with strength from 150 kN / m2 (Delta NB) to 700 kN / m2 (Iso Drain 10 H), as well as profiled membranes with geotextile (geotextile provides additional protection from soil pressure on foundation For the waterproofing of the base plate and the base, we propose to use a self-adhesive waterproofing of the Delta Thene type, surfaced waterproofing materials “Technoelast”, as well as non-reinforced EPDM membranes (mounted by continuous gluing).