Smooth (HDPE / LDPE)

Smooth geomembranes (HDPE / LDPE)


Geomembranes HDPE and LDPE are membranes of low or high pressure polyethylene, 0.5 to 3 mm thick, used for waterproofing stylobates, solid waste landfills, PA, road works, rarely for waterproofing foundations and underground structures due to lack of elasticity.

HDPE and LDPE - what's the difference

HDPE membrane is a rigid membrane that has minimal elasticity and is not used for construction sites subject to high dynamic loads, is used for insulation where loads are distributed more or less evenly over the entire area.

LDPE geomembranes - more elastic and soft than the HDPE membrane, is used in projects experiencing high dynamic loads on the horizontal part. LDPE membranes have high elasticity, ultimate tensile indices (up to 600%), while linear deformation occurs elastically.