Geogrids SD


Geogrids SD are biaxial polypropylene geogrids, which occur in the following designs: SD 20/20, SD 30/30, SD 40/40, SD 50/50, where the figures are the strength characteristics for the break. Geogrids SD are universal using: they can be used for reinforcing roadblocks in the lower layers of road clothes, for strengthening slopes and slopes, for landscape design and other construction purposes.

Pros and minutes of geogrids SD

To the advantages of geogrids SD can be attributed a low cost relative to polyester, fiberglass analogs, as well as relatively high strength characteristics ..

Obvious minuses of the geomagnetic grids is their stiffness, not the inability to tolerate dynamic loads, the lack of elasticity and ultimate elongation (LEDs practically do not extend) leads to the use of rupture of links in practice, and as a consequence to the loss of the reinforcing layer, so if your project implies high dynamic loads, we recommend to pay attention to polyester geogrids, which are able to be elastically deformed, and also withstand high dynamic loads due to high elasticity indices Nost.

It is also important to note that the geogrid SR - do not have protection from ultraviolet and long-term exposure to UV rays, the Geogrid grids lose their strength characteristics, therefore it is not recommended to use LED as anti-erosion and anti-landslide protection.