Bentonite geomata (bentomates)


Bentonite geomatics are three- and four-layer waterproofing biomatics consisting of at least two layers of non-woven needle-punched geotextile with a density of 300 g / m2 bonded together by a woven method, between which are bentonite granules, the fourth and fifth layers for some manufacturers are LDPE membranes 0.5 m thick to give the construction of additional waterproofing.

How do bentonite geomats work?

Bentonite geomats work in such a way that bentonite granules located between two layers of non-woven needle-punched geotextile when swallowed, swell and press (bentonite mats work as a waterproofing material only under pressure of not less than 20 kg / m2) makes the mat completely impermeable.

Self-healing layer on waterproofing bentomats

An important feature of bentonite geomatics is the self-healing function of mechanical damage (for example, if a bentomat was punctured after filling, bentonite granules fill the voids formed as a result of the waterproofing violation). This is a significant advantage over HDPE and LDPE geomembranes, which are also often used for the construction of waterproofing layers in the landfills of SDW, PO, and other stylobate parts.

Also, the advantage of bentonite geomats as a waterproofing material is the ability to use in a wide temperature range, their use is possible in conditions of the extreme north and southern regions, bentonite granules retain their properties also under acidic aqueous media and are absolutely ecological.

Manufacturers and modifications of bentomats

In Russia, several manufacturers of bentonite geomatics are represented: Tehpolimer (bentotech), Bentotex, Voltex. Modification of bentonite in these manufacturers is essentially no different.