For the foundation

Materials for waterproofing foundations

For the waterproofing of foundations to date, three types of materials are used:

Bituminous rolled waterproofing

The classical pie of waterproofing of the foundation with bitumen rolls materials is as follows: base> primer> two layers of waterproofing waterproofing EPP not less than 4.5kg / m2> protection of waterproofing> backfilling. Protection of waterproofing of the foundation can be thermal insulation, geotextiles with a density of at least 400 m / 2, as well as profiled membranes. There is a lot of other variations of the device of the foundation of the house with a ground floor, however, the above-described is the most popular.

Rolled polymer membranes from PVC, TPO, EPDM - membranes
Waterproofing membranes for waterproofing foundations are used in cases of great depth of penetration (more than 4 meters), as well as in cases with increased requirements for the reliability of the building structure.

The principal difference in the choice of polymer waterproofing between EPDM and PVC-membranes is primarily in durability and reliability, EPDM membranes on the head benefit from PVC by the following factors:

The absence of joints (the area of ​​rolls EPDM to 400 m2)
Continuous gluing
Declared lifetime is twice as high
The advantage of PVC membranes over EPDM is low cost.

There are also other materials and methods of waterproofing foundations, such as:
Sprayable waterproofing
Mastic waterproofing
Waterproofing with self-adhesive materials (such as Technonikol for foundation, etc.)
Such methods are very drawn, unreliable and suitable only for private housing construction and where the foundation is easy to dig up and change the waterproofing.