Volumetric geogrids


Volumetric geogrids have become widespread in the reinforcement of slopes and slopes, but contrary to the widespread misconception, these are not all areas of construction in which volumetric geogrids are actively used, they can also be used for reinforcing earth dense (not only inclined, but also horizontal, as an erosion protection measure ), at the device amrgruntovyh embankments, and thanks to resistance to salts and acidic environments of polypropylene (which is used as a raw material in the production of volumetric geo etok) can also be used to strengthen the banks of rivers and canals in the seas and oceans.

Use of bulk geogrids

The use of volumetric geogrids is also common in the construction of surface drainage structures, the fixing of slopes of railway track cones, as well as anti-erosion measures.

The differences and modifications of volumetric geogrids
The main difference between the volume geogrids sold on the territory of the Russian Federation, of course, in their size, they can be produced at the request of the customer with cells from 165 to 300 mm and other sizes.

Also, the work of the volumetric geogrid is influenced by the presence of a perforation, which provides a sufficient level of drainage of groundwater, and prevents soil washing out when there is an overabundance of soil and the impossibility of water leaving into the ground.