Drainage geomat


Drainage geomat - a bulk layer serving as a separation and drainage layer, wide strands of geomata have a certain direction, thanks to which directional drainage can be carried out on the construction project. In addition, drainage geomatics can be used as anti-erosion measures, as well as for strengthening slopes and slopes.

Drainage geomata are available in three types:

  1. A conventional drainage mat without geotextile
  2. Drainage mat with geotextile on one side. Geotextiles of white color from primary polypropylene, made by needle-punched method, density of 250 g / m2. Geotextiles play an additional filtering role.
  3. Drainage mat with geotextile bonded on both sides of the material - one layer of geotextile is used to protect the drainage mat from mechanical damage, on the other hand - the filtering and separating function, geotextile nonwoven needle-punched white color with a density of 300 g / m2