Waterproofing membranes

Waterproofing membranes


Waterproofing polymer membranes - roll waterproofing materials based on TPO, PVC or EPDM - materials, are used for waterproofing foundations, roofs and other building structures and structures.

Membranes or classical waterproofing?

If you contrast these materials with classical bitumen waterproofing (be it mastic roofs or roll waterproofing), waterproofing membranes have a number of advantages over the classical methods of waterproofing.


  • Durability (15 to 30 for PVC membranes, 30 + for TPO membranes and 50+ years for EPDM membranes)
  • Simplicity and cheap installation (installation of the horizontal part costs 150 rubles / m2 on average)
  • A light weight
  • Heat reflection (PVC and TPO membranes have light tones and have good coefficients of light reflection, which increases the energy efficiency of buildings in the warm season)
  • Greater elasticity (limiting percentage of stretching)


The membranes can only be used on flat roofs, where the waterproofing coating is not regularly operated.
waterproofing membranes are easily damaged when cleaning snow, or with small mechanical damages.

Types of waterproofing membranes:

  • EPDM membranes are the most durable, environmentally friendly, elastic and durable, unambiguous plus of EPDM membranes sold in Russia. You can also include the dimensions of rolls, the area of ​​which reaches an impressive 400 m2, which avoids the risk of leakage in the joints. The method of installation is a continuous gluing, or free laying, in case the roof is operated. Both reinforced and unreinforced modifications are produced, the main producers of EPDM-membranes are Carlisle and Firestone
  • PVC membranes are the most common membrane waterproofing on the territory of the Russian Federation; reinforced and unreinforced modifications are produced for the waterproofing of flat roofs and foundations, respectively, differ in the degree of polymerization and the type of reinforcement, and are also used for the device of inversion flat roofs.
  • TPO membranes are the most durable membrane waterproofing, like EPDM it is represented only by two American manufacturers: Carlisle and Firestone
    Cost of waterproofing membranes (2018)

The cost of EPDM roofing membranes starts from $ 10 per square meter, installation costs an average of 300 rubles per square meter + 30% of the cake cost is the system's equipment (600r + 180rub + 300 rubles), the average roofing of the EPDM membrane will cost 1080 rub

The cost of PVC membranes starts from 240 rubles / m2, but for calculation we take the cheapest PVC membrane Plastfoil V-RP 1.5 for 400 rubles / m2, the installation of PVC membranes on average costs 200 rubles / m2 if we consider the average cost per horizon and parapets, that is, the average cost per square meter of roofing made of PVC membrane will be 600 rubles / m2 (excluding funnels, sealants, clamps, etc.), the cost of installing a TPO membrane is similar to the cost of mounting a PVC membrane, but the cost of material starts from $ 9 per m2 , that is, 540 rubles per square meter for 2018.