Geomaty: what is and what are


Geomat - volumetric Geosynthetic roll materials that perform a variety of functions depending on the specific modification, in the domestic market there are several types of geomata:

Anti-erosion geomats (low-quality polypropylene and service life and polyamide high quality and long service life
Bentonite geomats are waterproofing mats that have high strength characteristics, as well as a self-healing function for the waterproofing layer against small damages, with the bentonite mats being characterized by the widest temperature range in which they can be exploited.
Drainage geomats are dividing roll materials, the main purpose of which is directed drainage.
Biomats are three-layered geomata consisting of two layers of non-woven geotextile and one layer of perennial seeds between two layers of geotextile.