For laying under asphalt (bridges, parking lots)

Bituminous waterproofing for paving under asphalt


Bitumen roll waterproofing is used for laying under asphalt when installing multi-level open parking lots, bridges and underground parking lots.

If the asphalt is laid directly on the material, APP-modified roll waterproofing type Technoelast Bridge C, Mostoplast 140, etc. is used. APP-modificates possess greater heat resistance. For the construction of a waterproofing layer on bridges and open parking lots, we recommend using materials with a weight distribution of at least 6 kg / m2.

When laying bitumen roll waterproofing below the asphalt layer (in cases where the roll-up waterproofing does not directly contact hot asphalt), it is possible to use a roll-up waterproofing with lower heat resistance values, not less than the specific gravity.

As a rule, roll bitumen waterproofing, laid under the asphalt, reinforced with polyester, having high strength physical and mechanical characteristics, while retaining elasticity.