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Waterproof and capillary interlayers (interlayers)

The classical capillary interrupting layer consists of gravel or gravel fractions of 5-10 mm, thickness from 20 to 40 mm, anti-malting slags, threshing vapors from 0.1 to 5 mm, geotextile materials (type and strength is selected depending on the project), however, since such pies very laborious in the device, and the cost of logistics costs and the bulk materials themselves is very high, today it is customary to use geosynthetic materials instead of classical solutions. So, the IsoDrain 1 + 1 profiled membrane can be used instead of this pie, the strength characteristics (withstand pressure up to 100 tons / m2) allow the membrane to be used under high load conditions, and the protruding profile of 1 mm on each side provides anti-slip properties