Product Tag - Forest and access roads

Materials for the device of forest and access roads

Types of forest roads:

  • Timber forest roads (temporary or permanent)
  • Timber forestry (temporary or permanent)

Constant roads are objects of capital construction. The construction of this type of road takes place according to the project developed on the basis of those. The temporary roads are not objects of capital construction. These roads are built without the development of the project, but according to the rules and norms of this Code of Regulations and the Rules of timber harvesting. In turn, temporary roads are divided into summer use and winter (winter roads).

Roads forest roads are used to transport people to industrial facilities, delivery of equipment, travel of fire trucks. These roads are not intended for the movement of motor vehicles with wood. Forest roads are of permanent type, designed and built according to the type of roads.

Waterproofing of forest roads
In the road clothes for waterproofing, roll bituminous materials of the type Technoelastmost B and C, Mostoplast, and Mostoizol 100-130 are used. Bentonite mats are also used. As a separating layer in road clothes and during the drainage device, use a geomembrane of the type Typar SF, Ekospan.

Filtration and separation layers

In the construction of Timber Road temporary roads it is recommended to use thermo-bonded geotextiles such as Typar SF, Ekospan, And also using woven geotextiles such as Ultrastab. The use of this material as a separation layer between the layers of temporary pavement prolongs the life of the road, evenly distributes the load on the roadway and does not allow mixing with layers of pavement.