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    Profile for universal expansion joint operated by the DPP

    Profile for universal expansion joint operated by the DPP


    Deformational overhead profile DPP – the most popular, interesting and universal solution for the device of expansion joints in parking lots. Its advantages are:

    1. High seam separation (20-55 mm), without the need for grooving to the exact size
    2. Full sealing of the seam
    3. Stitching on the finish coat
    4. Possibility of painting in any color according to RAL
    5. The compensator is made of thermoplastic elastomer (TEP), resistant to chemically active media, and also preserving operating properties over a wide temperature range.

    Deformation profile DPV Aquabarrier (as well as other deformation aluminum profiles) is made of aluminum in accordance with GOST 8617-81 t GOST 22233-2001, due to this the material has high strength, chemical and corrosion resistance, durability and environmental safety.

    Deformation profile Compensator Compensator view Movement, mm Dimensions, mm Load, MPa
    Compression Stretching Shift А В=С
    DPV-8/050 ПН–83–АА 10 30 70 20-55 250 2,1
    2,025.00 $4,230.00 $ Price per running meter